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Development Mobile Phones History from Time to Time

Phones Smartphones are becoming one of the gadgets that are increasingly popular every year. Now everyone has started to make smartphones one of their basic needs. Starting from children who are still in elementary school to adults who already have this one gadget. The number of brands and types of cheap smartphones is one of the supporting factors why this gadget is so popular. As a smartphone user, have you ever wondered when the first appearance of mobile phones was? If this question pops into your mind, consider the following review of the history of mobile phone development from its inception to the present.

The History of Cell Phones in the 70s

The first mobile phones appeared in the world, namely in the 70s, in 1973 to be precise. Martin Cooper became an important figure who introduced cell phones. His figure is one of the important people in the telecommunications business in the United States. Yes, this sophisticated object first appeared in New York. Motorola DynaTAC became the cellphone that Cooper used at that time to communicate.

The History on the 80s

10 years after the emergence of the Motorola DynaTAC, in 1983 the latest generation of mobile phones emerged, namely the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. In contrast to the 1973 Motorola DynaTAC, this new mobile phone was the first to be officially commercialized. The public can already use it as a medium of communication. Although it has undergone several updates, this phone still has a fairly large weight, around 793 grams.

The History on the 90s

Compared to cell phones from the 70s and 80s, the phones that appeared in the 90s are more sophisticated. Telecommunications companies continue to develop and renew. In fact, for the first time appeared a cell phone that can be used to make phone calls. But do not expect if you can use this phone to surf in cyberspace.

Besides being able to be used to receive and make phone calls, cell phones that appeared in 1992 can also be used to send short messages in the form of SMS. In the same year, the IBM Simon appeared, which is said to be the world’s first smartphone. You can use this smartphone for telephones, fax machines, pagers, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

The History of Phones in the 2000s

The term smartphone or smartphone is increasingly popular in this era. How not, the emergence of the Sharp J-SH04 is increasingly attracting public attention. The reason, this smartphone is equipped with a camera in it. Yes, the Sharp J-SH04 is the first mobile phone in the world that allows users to take photos. It doesn’t stop there, this phone is also equipped with various advanced features in it, you know.

This year, Apple‘s legendary smartphone began to appear, namely the iPhone. The emergence of this expensive smartphone brand was welcomed by the public, especially those in the upper-middle class. How not, the emergence of the iPhone presents a new concept, namely a touch screen smartphone. This concept is different from other mobile phone brands that still carry the concept of a keypad.

The History of Smartphone in the 2010s

Believe it or not, the early 2010s became the heyday of BlackBerry. You will only be considered cool if you have used this one device. Because of its popularity, Indonesia is considered to be the 2nd largest Blackberry user in the world, you know. Unfortunately, the release of iOS and Android devices made BlackBerry start to lose its popularity.

In this era too, the speed of the internet network is also getting higher. Smartphone users can now enjoy faster internet on the 4G network. However, the use of the 4G network can only be accessed by smartphones that support it. It doesn’t stop there, at the end of the 2010s, many devices that support 5G networks have emerged. Could it be that you are one of them who can already access the internet on the 5G network?