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Have Slow Smartphones, What Are The Causes And How To Fix?

Slow Smartphones,Having a smartphone, but it’s sloppy, will certainly be one of the emotional triggers. Especially when many jobs cannot be handled without using a cell phone. Therefore, strategies and ways to overcome slow smartphones must be correct and appropriate. If not, then your phone’s performance will not work optimally.

It doesn’t take up a lot of time, some of the tricks to deal with a slow phone below you can do yourself at home. Actually, what is the cause of a slow smartphone, and how to fix it?

Causes of Slow Smartphones and How to Overcome It

Forced to work beyond limits

For example, your smartphone has 1GB of RAM, it is used to run games that have a minimum specification of 1GB of RAM. It will be slow because all the memory is used to run one program, even though many other programs need free memory.

Cache Piles

The cache on this smartphone is useful for speeding up the process of running applications later on. But if it is left to accumulate for days without being cleaned, it will burden your smartphone’s memory so that it becomes the cause of slow smartphones.

Get used to Clear Cache periodically through the Settings – Storage menu to provide free space on your smartphone memory.

Full Internal Memory

When the internal memory is full, the applications on your smartphone will find it difficult to save new data, resulting in a slow smartphone.

So that your smartphone’s internal memory doesn’t fill up quickly, delete unused applications on your smartphone. And don’t forget to take advantage of the MicroSD slot to add external memory to store photos and videos and music files on your smartphone.

Applications Pile Up in the Background

The more apps that are stacked in Recent Apps, the more RAM is consumed by apps running in the background. To stop it, you should Force Stop or Disable unused applications via the Settings – Applications menu.

Lagging Software

If you are still using the old version of the software, it will feel slow. Not only applications but also operating systems. Always check for application updates and the latest operating system so that your smartphone is not slow.