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Ways to Restore Deleted Files on Android, Easy and Practical

Deleted FilesLosing data on your Android device sometimes leaves you with a dilemma. How do you get that data back? Usually, the deleted files are accidentally deleted, or indeed you are a careless user.

But calm down. The good news is, you can restore the data with the help of several applications. Here’s how to restore deleted files in android with the application.

DigDeep Image Recovery

This application is intended to restore data in the form of photos. So you can recover deleted files photos. To use it is very easy. Once installed, you do a scan of the folder. Then this application will display some photos that were deleted to be recovered.

Dumpster – Recycle Bin

Similar to the Recycle Bin on a PC, this application is also intended to restore data that has been deleted on a smartphone. Its use is quite easy. Without rooting the smartphone and can also be done offline.

Recover Deleted Photos

This application is also intended to restore a deleted photo easily. That is scanning the folder wherein the folder some photos have been deleted.

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

This app is also no different from its ilk. This application can scan data that has been deleted or deleted, both in device memory and additional memory. This application can restore data types in the form of photos, songs, and so on.

4EXT Recovery

This application also includes a range of applications that are highly recommended. You can restore data that has been deleted properly. But behind the sophistication of this application, when compared to other similar applications, you are required to buy if you want to use this application.

Recover Deleted Files on Google Drive

How to restore deleted files on Google Drive is very easy, just go to the Google Drive application, then select the Bin option. After that, select the restored file and tap on the ‘restore’ icon to bring the file back to life.