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How to Speed ​​Up Android Smartphone Performance Easily

Smartphone The smartphone felt very fast when it was first purchased. But over time, smartphone performance began to decline. This is very reasonable. Almost all smartphones experience this problem, including flagship smartphones that come with high specifications. But don’t worry anymore, on this occasion we will provide tips so that your smartphone can run fast. Here’s the information.

Identification of problems

The first thing you should do is find out where the problem is coming from. Is it from the app or your smartphone system? To identify the problem with the smartphone, use an application called Trepn Profiler made by Qualcomm. The app will display information about CPU usage, network traffic overview, GPU and RAM usage, and much more.

Not only that, but Trepn Profiler will also analyze the application with complete information. So you can find out which applications are heavy to run. Once you know the source of the problem, you can move on to the next solution.

Clean storage

The number of files such as photos and installed applications can cause Android storage space to become congested. As a result, Android performance becomes slow. You can check the remaining storage by going to the Settings -> Storage section. If there are applications that are considered wasteful of storage, just delete them.

Apart from that, some apps use cached data in an attempt to speed up operations. At a certain time, this feels effective, but if the storage space is full, it would be better to clear the cache of the application for a certain period periodically.

Remove widget

Maybe you are the type of person who likes to install widgets on your smartphone home screen. However, if the performance of the smartphone starts to slow down, we recommend removing the widgets that you installed. Because the widget will consume a lot of RAM on your smartphone.

Remove animation

Some themes use animations or effects to beautify the user interface on smartphones. Maybe this animation looks cool, but animation can also slow down the performance of your smartphone. To disable it, you can look at the settings of the theme used. If it is not available in the theme settings, you can disable it in the Settings menu -> Developer Options. In this way, the performance of your smartphone will certainly feel faster.

Close app

It’s true, with multitasking you can do a lot of work very quickly. However, this can also hurt your smartphone. So, try to close applications that are running in the background. You can use the ShutApp application to close the application that is running silently in the background.

Reset smartphone

If you have done some or even all of the steps above but the smartphone still feels slow, you can do a reset on the smartphone. This method is the most effective and effective way. Oh yes, don’t forget to back up your important data before doing this process.

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Easy Steps to Overcome Smartphone Affected by Water

Smartphone Currently, several sophisticated smartphones have waterproof features, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, or even the Sony Xperia X series. However, the fact is that most smartphones today still don’t have the waterproof feature. Is your smartphone also included in the smartphone is not waterproof? If so, you should pay attention to the following information.

One thing to note, don’t ever panic if one day you accidentally drop your smartphone into the water. Try to get your smartphone out of the water immediately, and do this while remaining calm. Furthermore, there are some things that you should avoid and also do to prevent and repair damage to your smartphone.

Things you shouldn’t do if your smartphone gets wet

  1. Don’t turn on your smartphone.
  2. Don’t press any buttons.
  3. Do not shake or tilt your smartphone. This is done to prevent water from spreading into the components of your smartphone.
  4. If you are not experienced, do not immediately disassemble the smartphone. Because some smartphones are already equipped with an LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) when you carelessly disassemble the smartphone the indicator on the LDI will be active. And this can result in the loss of your smartphone warranty.
  5. Do not blow or fan water from the top of the smartphone. This can result in the entry of water into the inside of the smartphone which can exacerbate the damage to your smartphone.
  6. Avoid drying your smartphone with hot items such as a hairdryer or microwave.

Things to do

  1. If the smartphone is still on, immediately turn off the smartphone.
  2. Open and remove your smartphone case. Then also remove the SIM card and microSD.
  3. Use a cloth, tissue, or other objects that absorb water. Use it to dry your smartphone and make sure you do this very carefully so as not to push water inside.
  4. If the water attack is severe, you can use a vacuum to suck up any water trapped in the narrow crevices inside. Do this very carefully and make sure you can reach small parts like the MicroSD slot, SIM card, and battery.
  5. To ensure that the smartphone is completely dry, you can use rice. Rice is great for absorbing liquids. You can use a lunch box, basin, or other containers, the most important thing is to make sure your smartphone is completely submerged in the rice.
  6. Let your smartphone dry for 24 or 48 hours don’t be tempted to turn it on.
  7. After a few days, remove the smartphone from the rice and turn on your smartphone.
  8. If the smartphone does not turn on, try the charging process. If the smartphone does not turn on, there is a possibility that the battery is damaged. Immediately take the smartphone to a professional repair place.
  9. If the smartphone can turn on, we recommend testing some important features on your smartphones, such as screen, speaker, headset, camera, fingerprint, and other important features.
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Smartphone Tips: How to Update Google Play Store Automatic

Smartphone Through the Google Play Store, we can install various kinds of the latest applications and games. The Google Play application itself is one of the most important applications on Android smartphone as a means to download various applications and games. Then, how to check and update Google Play if there is a newer version?

There are two ways to update the Google Play app to the latest version. The first way is of course by downloading the latest Google Play APK file and manually installing it to your Android device. But this method is quite complicated, especially for people who don’t know technology. While the second way is easier, by using the Google Play application itself without having to manually search and download APK files from outside.

How to update Google Play Store on smartphone automatically without APK

1. Open the Google Play Store application on the smartphone you are using, then select the Settings menu.

2. The second step you need to do is go to the settings menu and scroll down, then select the Build Version menu

3. Next, a status display will appear regarding the Google Play Store application that you are using, then select the menu. If there is an update, a new screen will appear and ask your permission to download the new version.

4. However, if the installed Google Play Store application has the latest version, it will notify like “Google Play is up to date”.

Well, that’s how to update the Google Play Store without downloading an external APK file on an Android smartphone-based gadget. In addition, make sure that every application installed on your smartphone is the latest version to keep it safe and running well.

Make sure to visit this website to get the latest information about gadget technology, computers, technology tips, the latest technology, and many others.…

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How to Remove Apps on Smartphone Via Safe Mode

Smartphone For those of you computer users, you must be familiar with the term safe mode. Usually, safe mode is used to check for applications that are suspected of damaging the system. Just like on a PC, safe mode only runs Android smartphone and important processes so you can be sure that no third-party applications are running.

Safe mode is not important if it is not needed. However, there are times when a virus or malware attacks an Android smartphone that makes the system on your smartphone chaotic. Therefore, you need to enter this mode to remove the application carrying the virus. There are two ways to enter safe mode, including:

The first step to Remove Apps on Smartphone

  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. Press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously until the screen turns on, then release the power button only.
  3. Keep holding the volume down button until the lock screen appears. Safe mode will appear on the bottom left if you have successfully entered safe mode.

Deleted Apps on Smartphone Second-way

  1. When the smartphone is on, make sure the developer mode is open, by tapping seven times on the “build number” in the “about phone” menu from the settings menu.
  2. Press and hold the power button until the power off or restart option appears, then press and hold the power off option until the “reboot to safe mode” option appears.
  3. Select reboot to safe mode.

After entering safe mode, you can delete various applications that are suspected of being carriers of viruses or malware through the Settings > Application menu. Delete the application if you suspect it, then restart the smartphone again to enter normal conditions as usual. That’s an easy way to delete stubborn applications on smartphones in a very simple way that can make your life easier.

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Want to Buy a Used Smartphone? Check out these tips!

SmartphoneSome people feel more secure when buying a new smartphone. Others feel more profitable when buying a used smartphone (second). Buying a new smartphone requires more funds, but is less risky. While buying a used smartphone can be more efficient and profitable, as long as you follow the following guidelines.

Check the completeness

We recommend that you buy a used smartphone incomplete condition. This means that the smartphone you buy still has the box, manual, warranty card, and other accessories. In addition to providing its satisfaction, you also don’t have to bother buying additional accessories if there are incomplete accessories.

Don’t forget to match the smartphone serial number with the serial number listed on the box.

Check the smartphone body and buttons

Checking the physical condition of a smartphone can be done by anyone without requiring special skills. Most importantly, do it carefully and thoroughly. If you are a perfectionist, the slightest scuff on your smartphone will make you want to buy it.

Check screen condition

After confirming its physical condition, proceed to check the side of the screen. The smartphone screen is the part that gets scuffed quite often even though it has a Gorilla Glass protector. Therefore, make sure the screen is smooth without any scratches.

You also have to make sure the smartphone screen that you want to buy doesn’t have dead pixels. The trick is to maximize the brightness level, then open the image with plain colors such as black, white, yellow, blue, green, and red.

Check speaker sound

Every smartphone has two types of speakers, namely speakers for listening to music and speakers for making calls. Make sure both speakers can produce sound clearly and normally.

Check connectivity

Some connectivity that you should check is Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC. Testing Bluetooth can be done by pairing or sending pictures. Checking WiFi can use it to log in to certain WiFi networks. If you want to be practical, use the  Trigger application which is available for free on Google Play.

Check available ports and slots

Check the function of all the ports and slots available on the smartphone, namely the charger port, audio jack, SIM card slot, and microSD slot. This is very important to do, especially if the smartphone you buy is a water-resistant smartphone that may have been invited to “play in the water” by the old owner so that it is more prone to damage.

Check camera

How to check the camera function on a smartphone? In addition to checking it by taking pictures and seeing the results of the shots, you also have to make sure that the smartphone camera that you want to buy can display colors normally. The trick is to photograph a solid black object.

You can close the camera lens by hand, then see on the smartphone screen whether the color displayed is as it should be, namely solid black or it displays a purple color, which means the camera is not normal. Don’t forget to check the camera’s autofocus and flash features.

Check battery condition

The battery in a smartphone has a lifespan and a charge. Usually, smartphone batteries are designed to be able to go through the charging process up to 1,000 times. If you charge the battery once a day, logically the battery can function normally up to 1,000 days or approximately three years.

Ask for a personal guarantee

If possible, it’s better if you ask the seller’s ability to provide a personal guarantee, at least for three days to ensure all smartphone functions can run normally. Don’t hesitate to ask for a personal guarantee from the seller, especially if the warranty period for the smartphone you bought has expired.


Buying a new smartphone is sometimes problematic, let alone buying a used smartphone. Therefore, even though it feels quite troublesome, carrying out several checks as we have described above is a must. This is important if you don’t want to be disappointed and are satisfied with the smartphone you buy.

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Got a New Smartphone? Some Things You Need To Do

SmartphoneBuying a smartphone or tablet is not like buying food that can be done every day. When we get the device we want, we should take care of it as well as possible. There are many things you can do with the device you just bought. But for us, there are three important things that you should do as a top priority. Anything?

Install screen protector

We believe, there are still many smartphone and tablet users who leave their device screen naked unprotected. Indeed, many devices are already coated with screen protectors such as Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail, and others. But believe me, if you don’t cover it with additional screen protectors, both cheap and expensive, you’re only waiting for time to see the scratches on the screen of your favorite smartphone and tablet.

Even Gorilla Glass class screen protectors (including the latest version of Gorilla Glass 4) are indeed strong against sharp and heavy objects. If you scratch using a screwdriver or knife with not too heavy pressure, the screen of the device will not be scratched. But keep in mind, the screen protector turns out to be vulnerable to objects that we usually take for granted, such as coins, keys, or even sand.

Coins, keys, and other small objects can scratch the Gorilla Glass very gently. So don’t be surprised if you often put your smartphone together without an additional screen protector and lock it in your trouser pocket, you will find fine scratches on the smartphone screen.

If you think that additional screen protectors can reduce the quality of the screen, then buy a quality screen protector at a slightly higher price. The screen quality of smartphones and tablets will not decrease much.

Fully charge the battery

After completing a payment, we often feel “itchy” to immediately use the device we just bought. We don’t recommend this, because usually, the battery stored in the device is only one-third filled, while the other two-thirds is empty for a long time.

For that, it would be nice if you just turn it on to test its functions. After that, you can turn it off again and then charge it in the off state until all cells in the battery are fully charged. Usually, the first charging process takes between four and eight hours, depending on the type of device.

Enable security features

There is nothing wrong with always being ready and alert in anticipating a disaster, such as a loss. You can enable security features so that in the event of a loss, you still have a chance to find the device. Or at least, the data you have in it you can delete remotely.

On iOS devices, there are iCloud and Find My iPhone features. iCloud can be used to lock a lost device, while Find My iPhone can be used to locate the device and delete the data on it.

For Android users, it’s a good idea to fill in ownership information with an active name and email that will appear on the Lockscreen page. The settings are in the Settings menu > Security > Owner info. In addition, don’t forget to directly install the Android Device Manager application from Google Play. This application can provide information on the position of the lost device and delete the data in it if in the end the device is not found.…

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Iphone Consumer Tips and Tricks You Can Do

Iphone Are you unsure of how to install or download apps to your iPhone? You need not worry about ending up on the wrong road with the iPhone. The maps app is on the phone when you see your location any time your service is active. This can help you get back home or anywhere else you haven’t seen yet.

Update iPhone to get the latest software

Make sure you update your iphone is updated whenever new updates are available. This means that you get the latest software and updates available for your phone.

You can use Siri to give you reminders Siri

You don’t have to tell Siri to remind you to do something at a specific time. You can also tell Siri to remind you to do something when you get home. The iPhone will then detect when you are home and remind you to perform your call. You can remind yourself even though you can’t predict when you will get home.

You can stop the constant notifications

Are you fed up with all the constant notifications you get on your iPhone? You can stop them off by following these steps. Go to the “In Notification Center”; look at all the apps and remove any that you don’t want there. This can also help your battery to last longer.

Can create a custom shortcut on iPhone

The iPhone gives you to create a custom dictionary and shortcuts. This allows you to personalize every one of your speeches. You can also type specific phrases or shortcuts to your iPhone as well. Your on-screen keyboard will also autocorrect you when you are typing certain words and phrases easier.

Shortcut to get suggested word

When you are trying to send an email or write a note and you have no interest in using words that are suggested by the iPhone, you don’t have to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen at any area and the suggestion box will go away.

Visually indicate incoming messages

You can enable your iPhone to visually indicate incoming messages are coming in. Just access the settings menu,” followed by “Accessibility.” Then activate the LED Flash on alerts in this way.

After reading this article, hopefully, you know how to find all the apps you desire on the app store. You should have a better command over how you use your phone and its apps. Just remember what you now know, and you’ll be trying apps in no time.…