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Got a New Smartphone? Some Things You Need To Do

SmartphoneBuying a smartphone or tablet is not like buying food that can be done every day. When we get the device we want, we should take care of it as well as possible. There are many things you can do with the device you just bought. But for us, there are three important things that you should do as a top priority. Anything?

Install screen protector

We believe, there are still many smartphone and tablet users who leave their device screen naked unprotected. Indeed, many devices are already coated with screen protectors such as Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail, and others. But believe me, if you don’t cover it with additional screen protectors, both cheap and expensive, you’re only waiting for time to see the scratches on the screen of your favorite smartphone and tablet.

Even Gorilla Glass class screen protectors (including the latest version of Gorilla Glass 4) are indeed strong against sharp and heavy objects. If you scratch using a screwdriver or knife with not too heavy pressure, the screen of the device will not be scratched. But keep in mind, the screen protector turns out to be vulnerable to objects that we usually take for granted, such as coins, keys, or even sand.

Coins, keys, and other small objects can scratch the Gorilla Glass very gently. So don’t be surprised if you often put your smartphone together without an additional screen protector and lock it in your trouser pocket, you will find fine scratches on the smartphone screen.

If you think that additional screen protectors can reduce the quality of the screen, then buy a quality screen protector at a slightly higher price. The screen quality of smartphones and tablets will not decrease much.

Fully charge the battery

After completing a payment, we often feel “itchy” to immediately use the device we just bought. We don’t recommend this, because usually, the battery stored in the device is only one-third filled, while the other two-thirds is empty for a long time.

For that, it would be nice if you just turn it on to test its functions. After that, you can turn it off again and then charge it in the off state until all cells in the battery are fully charged. Usually, the first charging process takes between four and eight hours, depending on the type of device.

Enable security features

There is nothing wrong with always being ready and alert in anticipating a disaster, such as a loss. You can enable security features so that in the event of a loss, you still have a chance to find the device. Or at least, the data you have in it you can delete remotely.

On iOS devices, there are iCloud and Find My iPhone features. iCloud can be used to lock a lost device, while Find My iPhone can be used to locate the device and delete the data on it.

For Android users, it’s a good idea to fill in ownership information with an active name and email that will appear on the Lockscreen page. The settings are in the Settings menu > Security > Owner info. In addition, don’t forget to directly install the Android Device Manager application from Google Play. This application can provide information on the position of the lost device and delete the data in it if in the end the device is not found.