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Smartphone Tips: How to Record Android Smartphone Screen

SmartphoneThere are many ways you can do to record the smartphone screen. With applications that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, of course, the process of recording smartphone screens is now easier than ever.

Of the many smartphone screen recorder applications available on Google Play, here we recommend an Android application called AZ Screen Recorder.

One of the advantages of this application made by Hecorat is that you can still use it on an Android smartphone that has not been rooted and also that the screen recording does not add a watermark.

Screen recording on Android without Application

On smartphone with Android OS 9 and above, there is already an integrated Screen Recorder feature. To record the screen, you simply activate this feature and do not need to install any application.

Here’s how to record an Android cellphone screen:

  • Open the panel bar by swiping the screen from top to bottom.

  • Search for ‘Screen Recorder’ or screen recorder and then touch it until the icon turns blue
  • A new menu will appear (each cellphone brand has a different menu)
  • Select record screen with red dot icon and touch again to stop recording
  • Check the ‘gallery’ to see the results


    But what must be remembered, is how to record the cellphone screen above applies to Android 9 phones and above and is different for each cellphone brand. Especially for Samsung phones, you must have the latest software, namely One UI 2.0 or above.

    Screen recording on Smartphone with Application

Interested in using AZ Screen Recorder to record smartphone screens? Here is a brief guide. First of all, first, download the AZ Screen Recorder application and install it as usual on your Android smartphone.

To start recording, click the Record button in the notification section, then don’t forget to give all the permissions needed by AZ Screen Recorder to record the screen.

You can also adjust the screen recording quality in the settings menu. These settings start from screen resolution, frame rate up to 60 fps, audio quality, screen orientation, and much more.

The AZ Screen Recorder application also provides a feature where you can edit screen recording videos. Through this feature, you can cut, convert videos to GIF format, take screenshots, and add video backgrounds.

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How to Turn an Android Smartphone into a Computer Mouse

Smartphone As a smart device, the use of smartphones is not only for browsing, playing games, or just taking photos. Smartphone with the Android operating system has a variety of features that you might never have guessed before, one of which is turning into a computer mouse.

If you ever forget to bring your mouse and have trouble controlling your computer or laptop cursor, you can use a smartphone controller with the help of the following application. How to turn an Android into a mouse is fairly easy. In addition, you also do not need to root the smartphone first.

Turn your Android Smartphone into a Computer Mouse

To do this, download the WiFi Mouse application and install it on Android as well as the WiFi Mouse Server software to be installed on your computer or laptop.

If both have been installed, make sure your Android smartphone and computer are on the same internet network, this aims to make it easier to use.

Next, open the Mouse Server on the computer and also open the WiFi Mouse on Android. If you are already on the same internet network, the server can automatically be detected on the smartphone. Then you just need to connect it.

The following is an Android screen display that can already be used to control the mouse cursor on a computer or laptop.

Using USB Remote

Apart from Bluetooth and Wifi support, Android smartphones can also be turned into a mouse or keyboard with the help of a USB cable. Although it’s a bit inconvenient because the cellphone must continue to be connected to the PC via a cable, this method is an alternative method if your Bluetooth and Wifi have problems. Try to use the original cellphone USB cable because the quality is guaranteed.

Thus the information that we present, hopefully, can be useful for you.

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Smartphone Tips: How to Enable Ambient Display

Smartphone Ambient Display is one of the coolest features on Android Smartphone. This feature was first introduced to the Android Lollipop operating system, which allows users to read notifications from a locked screen.

Even so, not all Android smartphones have the Ambient Display feature. These premium features are generally only present on flagship smartphones. But you don’t need to be disappointed, there is always a way to solve the problem.

As one of the operating systems with the largest list of applications today, several applications can be used to try the Ambient Display feature on all Android smartphones. This time we will show you how to enable Ambient Display on Android.

Enabling Ambient Display

There is an app on the Google play store called AcDisplay which is a new way of handling notifications on smartphone. It will notify you of new notifications by displaying a beautiful minimal screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what’s going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to see all the latest notifications, in an equally fun and minimalistic way. In simple words, it acts as an Ambient display. Let’s know how to use AcDisplay on any Android device.

How to Enable Ambient Display on Android Smartphone

  • Download the AcDisplay application and install it as usual on your favorite Android smartphone.
  • Then open the application and activate AcDisplay. Give Device Admin and Notification permissions to enable it.
  • If you have given permission, automatically AcDisplay can be used. You can explore other features in the settings menu.

That’s how to enable Ambient Display on all Android smartphones. In the AcDisplay application, there is also an Active Mode feature where the screen will light up if the smartphone is removed from the pants pocket. Good luck!

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Tips to Keep Your Smartphone For a Long Life

SmartphoneWe know that smartphones are now a must-have item. Almost all people use it, even making it a major need. Well, when buying a smartphone, of course, we hope that the smartphone can be used for a long time.

Especially for those who own a flagship smartphone at an expensive price. Of course, they will protect the smartphone from any risk of damage. And this time, we want to share tips on caring for your smartphone so that it lasts. Without needing to linger. Here are the tips.

Use case and anti-scratch

If you want to extend the life of your favorite smartphone, we recommend installing a special case or protector on your smartphone. Customize the case model with your personality.

Install a hard case if you are the type of person who is careless and often drops your smartphone and install a soft case casing if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be complicated and has high mobility.

Installing a casing on a smartphone will reduce the risk of physical damage such as scratches. Oh yes, don’t forget to use anti-scratch even though the smartphone you are using is protected by Gorilla Glass.

Install the application according to specifications

Because of the desire to store lots of cool applications and games, many people forget the specifications of their smartphones. Of course, this is not recommended. If it is forced continuously, it will have negative effects such as decreased smartphone performance, smartphone batteries becoming easily depleted, and other problems.

It’s like two people being forced to eat eight people’s portions of Samyang noodles. It may still be strong at first, but after that, it certainly won’t be able to hold on anymore. So, just install the application according to your specifications and needs. Make sure you only install applications that will be used. And if you want to install a lot of applications, it’s better to use a mid-end smartphone or even a flagship.

Clean your smartphone regularly

This third tip is actually easy and simple to do, but in reality, there are still many people who feel lazy and reluctant to clean their smartphone for the reason ‘it’s still clean. There is a lot of small dust that may be invisible and stick to the entire body of the smartphone.

Using a smartphone is a commonplace

If smartphones are so important in your life, then use them normally and naturally. One bad example that is often done is bringing a smartphone into the bathroom. That’s up to you. However, how many people have dropped their smartphones in the toilet until the smartphone is damaged? We think that’s quite a lot.

Take a break smartphone

Don’t force your smartphone to satisfy your gaming or multimedia passion all the time. To note, the components on the smartphone also need a break. If you continue to work, the temperature of the smartphone becomes hot and there is a risk of lowering the performance of the smartphone or causing other problems.

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Dangers of Charging Smartphone Via Laptops

Smartphone Without us realizing it, some habits look safe to do but in fact, can have a negative impact. As is the case with our discussion this time. Although it looks practical and safe to do, it turns out that charging a smartphone via a laptop can also pose dangers that you may have never thought of before. What are the dangers? Here’s the review.

The smartphone is at risk of being damaged

Currently, we are indeed spoiled with universal smartphone USB ports so that smartphones can easily connect with other devices such as laptops, power banks, and even with other smartphones.

Then is it dangerous to charge a smartphone via a laptop? Actually no. But if this is done continuously, the smartphone will likely be damaged. The reason is, the electricity provided by the USB port on the laptop is unstable and has low power, so the charging process will take much longer, aka abnormal.

Charging a smartphone that is unstable and for too long will make the smartphone hot so it is likely that the smartphone hardware will be damaged. In addition, because the charging process takes a long time, you will inevitably operate your smartphone during the charging process. The effect is that your smartphone battery is also at risk of being damaged.

Data theft by hackers

The USB port on a laptop was created to connect or sync smartphone data with a laptop. So, if you often charge your smartphone via a laptop, the risk of data theft is higher.

Because, when you connect a smartphone with a laptop, the laptop will automatically store important data from the smartphone such as the brand, name of the smartphone owner, smartphone series, operating system, firmware, to the chip ID of your smartphone.

Well, these things are a gap for hackers to steal your data. Plus, if your laptop or computer uses a pirated operating system that is already infected with a virus, the risk of data theft is even higher.

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Addicted to Playing Smartphone? Here’s How To Overcome It

SmartphoneLately, we have often discussed the negative impacts caused by smartphones. However, just understanding the negative impacts is not effective enough to get you out of smartphone addiction or known as nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia). Therefore, we will help you by providing the following six powerful tips.

Silent smartphone

Consciously or unconsciously, notifications on smartphones cause curiosity that can make us constantly check our smartphones. Even though if you think about it, not all notifications are important. Some notifications such as viral news or gossip often make you fail to focus. For that, just activate notifications that are considered important such as SMS or WhatsApp.

Use smartwatch

If you don’t want to miss notifications on your smartphone, the only way you can do that is by using a smartwatch. Because with a smartwatch you can still see notifications or perform some actions such as reading and replying to messages without having to look at the smartphone screen all the time. You can try this method, especially now that many smartwatches are sold at affordable prices.

Usage timer

You have a much more spacious and beautiful life than staring at this 4-6 inch screen. Therefore, regulate the use of smartphones. Some of the latest smartphones already support the student mode feature where if the application usage time has passed the time limit specified on that day, the application cannot be opened again. Similar to playing PS on a rental.

If your smartphone does not support this feature, you can commit to dividing the time you use your smartphone in a day. Create habits like two hours of smartphone use in the morning, two hours during the day, and two hours at night.

Non-smartphone activity

The following methods are quite effective for reducing your smartphone addiction levels. Create fun activities that will make you forget your smartphone like exercise. Invite your friends or partner to join the activity so you don’t get bored easily. At least you’ve been away from your smartphone for a few hours.

Remove porn content

Actually what is on your smartphone is what makes the addiction continue to appear. One example is saving photos or adult videos (porn) on your smartphone. Inevitably you will continue to open the smartphone to view the image or video. Besides being sinful, this will continue to make you addicted to smartphones. We recommend removing these negatives.

Do a hobby

Everyone must have a hobby. Anyway, the hobbies we mean here are not related to smartphones, such as playing games or stalking your ex’s IG. What we mean is hobbies outside the smartphone world such as playing music, swimming, traveling, and so on. We believe that the addiction to smartphones will decrease.

Yep, those are six powerful tips that can get you out of your smartphone addiction. Smartphones are important but don’t make your smartphone a top priority in your life, guys.

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Smartphone Tips: Easy Ways to Strengthen WiFi Signal

Smartphone A smartphone without an internet network is like eating vegetables without salt. Whether it’s using cellular data or WiFi. But on this occasion, we will discuss several ways to strengthen the WiFi signal so that the connection becomes more stable. Like how? Here’s the review.

WiFi booster app

The most instant and easiest way is to install a WiFi signal booster application. You can find it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, you also need to be careful when installing it.

It’s good to pay attention to the reviews and rates of the application. Apps to try like Network Signal Speed ​​Booster or Wifi Easy Connect. If you are still confused, you can see some recommendations for WiFi signal booster applications.

Change WiFi settings

If you use a WiFi network with multiple routers, it’s a good idea to change some settings on your smartphone. Try going to WiFi settings -> select Advanced -> check the avoid poor connection option. For Android Lollipop and above, this setting seems to be running automatically. In this way, the WiFi network on the smartphone will immediately change if the signal from one of the routers is weak.

Pay attention to the location of the router

WiFi signal certainly has a certain range limit to be able to work optimally. In addition, the WiFi signal can also be blocked if there are many walls around the router. So make sure you are in a place close to the location of the router and not blocked by many walls or partitions.

Use enhancements

If the signal is still weak, you can use the help of additional tools. The first tool is a WiFi extender or repeater. This device can boost WiFi signals. If you don’t want to spend more to buy a repeater, you can use signal carriers from used drink cans. You can see how to make it in the image above.