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Dangers of Charging Smartphone Via Laptops

Smartphone Without us realizing it, some habits look safe to do but in fact, can have a negative impact. As is the case with our discussion this time. Although it looks practical and safe to do, it turns out that charging a smartphone via a laptop can also pose dangers that you may have never thought of before. What are the dangers? Here’s the review.

The smartphone is at risk of being damaged

Currently, we are indeed spoiled with universal smartphone USB ports so that smartphones can easily connect with other devices such as laptops, power banks, and even with other smartphones.

Then is it dangerous to charge a smartphone via a laptop? Actually no. But if this is done continuously, the smartphone will likely be damaged. The reason is, the electricity provided by the USB port on the laptop is unstable and has low power, so the charging process will take much longer, aka abnormal.

Charging a smartphone that is unstable and for too long will make the smartphone hot so it is likely that the smartphone hardware will be damaged. In addition, because the charging process takes a long time, you will inevitably operate your smartphone during the charging process. The effect is that your smartphone battery is also at risk of being damaged.

Data theft by hackers

The USB port on a laptop was created to connect or sync smartphone data with a laptop. So, if you often charge your smartphone via a laptop, the risk of data theft is higher.

Because, when you connect a smartphone with a laptop, the laptop will automatically store important data from the smartphone such as the brand, name of the smartphone owner, smartphone series, operating system, firmware, to the chip ID of your smartphone.

Well, these things are a gap for hackers to steal your data. Plus, if your laptop or computer uses a pirated operating system that is already infected with a virus, the risk of data theft is even higher.