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Want to Buy a Used Smartphone? Check out these tips!

SmartphoneSome people feel more secure when buying a new smartphone. Others feel more profitable when buying a used smartphone (second). Buying a new smartphone requires more funds, but is less risky. While buying a used smartphone can be more efficient and profitable, as long as you follow the following guidelines.

Check the completeness

We recommend that you buy a used smartphone incomplete condition. This means that the smartphone you buy still has the box, manual, warranty card, and other accessories. In addition to providing its satisfaction, you also don’t have to bother buying additional accessories if there are incomplete accessories.

Don’t forget to match the smartphone serial number with the serial number listed on the box.

Check the smartphone body and buttons

Checking the physical condition of a smartphone can be done by anyone without requiring special skills. Most importantly, do it carefully and thoroughly. If you are a perfectionist, the slightest scuff on your smartphone will make you want to buy it.

Check screen condition

After confirming its physical condition, proceed to check the side of the screen. The smartphone screen is the part that gets scuffed quite often even though it has a Gorilla Glass protector. Therefore, make sure the screen is smooth without any scratches.

You also have to make sure the smartphone screen that you want to buy doesn’t have dead pixels. The trick is to maximize the brightness level, then open the image with plain colors such as black, white, yellow, blue, green, and red.

Check speaker sound

Every smartphone has two types of speakers, namely speakers for listening to music and speakers for making calls. Make sure both speakers can produce sound clearly and normally.

Check connectivity

Some connectivity that you should check is Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC. Testing Bluetooth can be done by pairing or sending pictures. Checking WiFi can use it to log in to certain WiFi networks. If you want to be practical, use the  Trigger application which is available for free on Google Play.

Check available ports and slots

Check the function of all the ports and slots available on the smartphone, namely the charger port, audio jack, SIM card slot, and microSD slot. This is very important to do, especially if the smartphone you buy is a water-resistant smartphone that may have been invited to “play in the water” by the old owner so that it is more prone to damage.

Check camera

How to check the camera function on a smartphone? In addition to checking it by taking pictures and seeing the results of the shots, you also have to make sure that the smartphone camera that you want to buy can display colors normally. The trick is to photograph a solid black object.

You can close the camera lens by hand, then see on the smartphone screen whether the color displayed is as it should be, namely solid black or it displays a purple color, which means the camera is not normal. Don’t forget to check the camera’s autofocus and flash features.

Check battery condition

The battery in a smartphone has a lifespan and a charge. Usually, smartphone batteries are designed to be able to go through the charging process up to 1,000 times. If you charge the battery once a day, logically the battery can function normally up to 1,000 days or approximately three years.

Ask for a personal guarantee

If possible, it’s better if you ask the seller’s ability to provide a personal guarantee, at least for three days to ensure all smartphone functions can run normally. Don’t hesitate to ask for a personal guarantee from the seller, especially if the warranty period for the smartphone you bought has expired.


Buying a new smartphone is sometimes problematic, let alone buying a used smartphone. Therefore, even though it feels quite troublesome, carrying out several checks as we have described above is a must. This is important if you don’t want to be disappointed and are satisfied with the smartphone you buy.