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How to Speed ​​Up Android Smartphone Performance Easily

Smartphone The smartphone felt very fast when it was first purchased. But over time, smartphone performance began to decline. This is very reasonable. Almost all smartphones experience this problem, including flagship smartphones that come with high specifications. But don’t worry anymore, on this occasion we will provide tips so that your smartphone can run fast. Here’s the information.

Identification of problems

The first thing you should do is find out where the problem is coming from. Is it from the app or your smartphone system? To identify the problem with the smartphone, use an application called Trepn Profiler made by Qualcomm. The app will display information about CPU usage, network traffic overview, GPU and RAM usage, and much more.

Not only that, but Trepn Profiler will also analyze the application with complete information. So you can find out which applications are heavy to run. Once you know the source of the problem, you can move on to the next solution.

Clean storage

The number of files such as photos and installed applications can cause Android storage space to become congested. As a result, Android performance becomes slow. You can check the remaining storage by going to the Settings -> Storage section. If there are applications that are considered wasteful of storage, just delete them.

Apart from that, some apps use cached data in an attempt to speed up operations. At a certain time, this feels effective, but if the storage space is full, it would be better to clear the cache of the application for a certain period periodically.

Remove widget

Maybe you are the type of person who likes to install widgets on your smartphone home screen. However, if the performance of the smartphone starts to slow down, we recommend removing the widgets that you installed. Because the widget will consume a lot of RAM on your smartphone.

Remove animation

Some themes use animations or effects to beautify the user interface on smartphones. Maybe this animation looks cool, but animation can also slow down the performance of your smartphone. To disable it, you can look at the settings of the theme used. If it is not available in the theme settings, you can disable it in the Settings menu -> Developer Options. In this way, the performance of your smartphone will certainly feel faster.

Close app

It’s true, with multitasking you can do a lot of work very quickly. However, this can also hurt your smartphone. So, try to close applications that are running in the background. You can use the ShutApp application to close the application that is running silently in the background.

Reset smartphone

If you have done some or even all of the steps above but the smartphone still feels slow, you can do a reset on the smartphone. This method is the most effective and effective way. Oh yes, don’t forget to back up your important data before doing this process.