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Smartphone Tips: How to Update Google Play Store Automatic

Smartphone Through the Google Play Store, we can install various kinds of the latest applications and games. The Google Play application itself is one of the most important applications on Android smartphone as a means to download various applications and games. Then, how to check and update Google Play if there is a newer version?

There are two ways to update the Google Play app to the latest version. The first way is of course by downloading the latest Google Play APK file and manually installing it to your Android device. But this method is quite complicated, especially for people who don’t know technology. While the second way is easier, by using the Google Play application itself without having to manually search and download APK files from outside.

How to update Google Play Store on smartphone automatically without APK

1. Open the Google Play Store application on the smartphone you are using, then select the Settings menu.

2. The second step you need to do is go to the settings menu and scroll down, then select the Build Version menu

3. Next, a status display will appear regarding the Google Play Store application that you are using, then select the menu. If there is an update, a new screen will appear and ask your permission to download the new version.

4. However, if the installed Google Play Store application has the latest version, it will notify like “Google Play is up to date”.

Well, that’s how to update the Google Play Store without downloading an external APK file on an Android smartphone-based gadget. In addition, make sure that every application installed on your smartphone is the latest version to keep it safe and running well.

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