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Cheap Smartphone? How Do You Choose a Good And Quality One?

Cheap SmartphoneIn general, one of the biggest mistakes consumers make when buying cheap smartphones is to believe too much in advertisements. Even though the product may not necessarily suit our needs. Moreover, if the purchase of a cheap smartphone is done online, where you can’t ask questions and see the products directly. In order not to lose when buying a cheap smartphone, here are some tips that you can follow.

Choose a smartphone from the Middle Class

The purpose of a mid-range Smartphone is a middle-class smartphone whose price may not be cheap, but it is still in an affordable price range. For what reason does it need to be from the mid-range class? Because as we mentioned earlier. In terms of specifications, the quality of mid-range smartphones is much better than buying an entry-level smartphone.

In addition, there are more product choices for mid-range smartphones, so we have the opportunity to choose the right product more easily. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy smartphones in the middle class. But by considering several things, one of which is the cell phone brand and the history of the item.

See What Chipset In The Smartphone

Ignorance of the specifications of cheap smartphones often traps many people to buy smartphones with disappointing specifications but are sold at prices that are too expensive.

One that many individuals don’t know about is chipset or processor issues. These days, the choice of smartphones processors is usually around Snapdragon or MediaTek. Although there are many other types of chipset processors such as Kirin or Exynos.

Choose Sufficient RAM

When it comes to RAM, choosing the best cheap smartphones must be adjusted to the chipset provided. Smartphones in the middle class usually have 3GB or 4GB of RAM, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can also choose 2GB of RAM, but you have to be careful with the specs.

smartphones with 3 GB of RAM are sold at prices starting from 1 million, but if you have more budget, then we recommend buying a 4 GB RAM smartphone, or a 6 GB RAM smartphone.

In general, the higher the RAM used on a smartphone, the more expensive the smartphone is. But now many smartphone manufacturers are selling cheap smartphones with high specs.

Check Camera Quality

If we have a budget to buy smartphones, the quality of smartphone cameras that can be obtained in this class is quite capable to be used for conventional photography and has quite complete features.

No need to force yourself to buy a smartphone with the best camera if the available budget doesn’t allow it. You need to know that even cheap smartphones are now equipped with cameras with above-average shots.

For those who like to record videos, we recommend choosing smartphones whose camera is equipped with the OIS feature. There are many cheap smartphones with camera specifications like this on the market.