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Lost Your Smartphone? Here’s How to Track-It!

SmartphoneLosing a smartphone will make us restless, whether because we just forgot to put it or just hidden it by an ignorant friend. But what’s worse is if our smartphones fall or are stolen by irresponsible people. However, don’t worry anymore because at this time we will provide some tips to track the whereabouts of a lost Android phone.

To note, most smartphones now have Android Device Manager installed. But some have not. To anticipate bad things from happening, it would be nice to download the Android Device Manager application right now. This service allows us to track the location of the smartphone. When the smartphone is lost, we can use a friend’s cell phone or other devices such as laptops to see the last location of our favorite cellphone.

Activate Smartphone Android Device Manager

If you are already using the latest smartphone, Android Device Manager is in the settings menu. But if you don’t find it, you can download the Android Device Manager app on the Google Play Store. This service will directly connect with Google. Immediately, here is how to activate it.

  • The first step, go to the Settings menu -> Security -> Device Administration
  • After that, click on the Android Device Manager option so that a checkmark appears in that section. If so, return to the main Settings menu.
  • Next, click on the location menu and press the button to activate it. If it is active, click the mode menu.
  • Now you are in the mode menu. Choose high accuracy so that Google can track the location very accurately. If it is active, click the back button and select the Google Location History menu.
  • Enable Location History and your Device by clicking the two available toggle buttons, as shown below.

    How to Track Android Phone

    Now the security features of Android Device Manager are properly configured and the smartphone can be tracked with the help of Google. Then how to track it? Let’s follow these steps.

    • Open any Web browser you have, whether from your phone, tablet, or computer.
    • Go to then just type “find my phone”.
    • Click on the top search result, there you will find a map or the official Android Device Manager page. And log in with your email account.
    • Now you can see the last location of your smartphone. You can do several things namely Ring or Enable Lock and Erase.

Ring functions to ring your smartphone even when it’s on silent. This feature is very useful when you forget to put a smartphone that is located close to you. While Lock and Erase are more suitable if your smartphone is lost, stolen, or dropped because this feature functions to lock and delete your data.