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Smartphone Tips: Easy Ways to Strengthen WiFi Signal

Smartphone A smartphone without an internet network is like eating vegetables without salt. Whether it’s using cellular data or WiFi. But on this occasion, we will discuss several ways to strengthen the WiFi signal so that the connection becomes more stable. Like how? Here’s the review.

WiFi booster app

The most instant and easiest way is to install a WiFi signal booster application. You can find it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, you also need to be careful when installing it.

It’s good to pay attention to the reviews and rates of the application. Apps to try like Network Signal Speed ​​Booster or Wifi Easy Connect. If you are still confused, you can see some recommendations for WiFi signal booster applications.

Change WiFi settings

If you use a WiFi network with multiple routers, it’s a good idea to change some settings on your smartphone. Try going to WiFi settings -> select Advanced -> check the avoid poor connection option. For Android Lollipop and above, this setting seems to be running automatically. In this way, the WiFi network on the smartphone will immediately change if the signal from one of the routers is weak.

Pay attention to the location of the router

WiFi signal certainly has a certain range limit to be able to work optimally. In addition, the WiFi signal can also be blocked if there are many walls around the router. So make sure you are in a place close to the location of the router and not blocked by many walls or partitions.

Use enhancements

If the signal is still weak, you can use the help of additional tools. The first tool is a WiFi extender or repeater. This device can boost WiFi signals. If you don’t want to spend more to buy a repeater, you can use signal carriers from used drink cans. You can see how to make it in the image above.